9. новембар 2012.

Soaping Without Limits

Whenever I ask myself why soaping is so interesting and attractive to me there are so many answers.  For me it is not only creation of recipes, working hard on new soap designs, searching for appropriate equipment but it is also about  meeting, sharing the experience, swapping with other soapers and enjoy reading their fabulous blogs. Soapmaking blogosphere offers so many learning opportunities, creative challenges and moreover this is a place where we can communicate with each other about soaps (something which I really miss usually, since nobody around me shows any interest for soapmaking).
One day, reading the posts of my favorite blogs that I follow, I saw a beautiful indigo soap made by Maya which was presented on her Infusion blog ( this is a link of her blog about soaps and Japan). I left my comment… Day after Maya sent me an e-mail offering to send me sample of indigo! I couldn’t have believed… This open hearted initiative really touched me.
It took couple of weeks for this package to arrive from Japan to Serbia.

This is a beautiful letter I received from Maya and indigo powder:

 And it was not only indigo that Maja sent me but lot of other specific ingredients popular among Japanese soapers: green tea powder, Japanese azuki bean powder, minerals extracted from the water of one of the most famous hot springs in Hokkaido and Japanese herb shikon. This is the first time that I heard about all those exotic ingredients and I am really looking forward to researching about them and of course to use them in my future soaps.

Dear Maya, thank you once again! I thank you not only for providing me the opportunity to have all those ingredients that I could only dream about but also for this extraordinary feeling of happiness and excitement.
I know that someone who demonstrate this kind of generous initiative does not expect anything in return, but I still think what soapmaking ingredients from Serbia would be attractive for soapmaker in Japan ...
I wish you all beautiful weekend and happy soaping!

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  1. So sweet of Maya to send you all these, Gordana!
    I liked your post, I should have written the same about this soaping universe!

  2. Dear Goca, I'm really sharing your excitement and happiness,because I know how difficult is to get some 'unusual' ingredients in our environment. This passion we all share gives us a great opportunity to meet wonderful people from all around the world.
    I wish you fantastic time and fun with your new precious little things and keep us up-to-date where they have gone!
    Regarding your thinking about what you could send her in return,if you don't come with something original,you can send her some of butters we use here, so she could compare quality,....and some soap,of course!

  3. How generous and thoughtful of her! I'm sure you will have a fantastic time trying out all your new goodies, can't wait to see the soaps you create with them!

  4. Wow Goco, I have to admit that I feel so jealous at this moment! What a delightful present you got! Enjoy your goodies and I expect to see some new creations with those exotic ingredients!

  5. Dear Gordan,
    Thank you so much for this heart-warming post! It made me feel so happy! Your warm words are more than enough for me. Thank you, really.
    I cannot wait to see your new soaps!
    Enjoy soaping!

  6. @Natalia: Yes Natalia, this soapmaking universe is really amazing!

    @Maja: Thanks Maja! I'm still thinking about some ingredients...

    @Cee Gee: I am still in searching and planning phase but I think that I will soon start soaping.

  7. So nice package :) How do you use indigo to a soap, for a pigment?

    1. Actually I do not have any experience with indigo. Now, when I have it, I can make my first soaps with it!

  8. You have some fun times ahead of you!! I have never used any of those ingredients (and some I've never even heard of!) You will definitely have some unique soaps!

    1. Amy, you are completely right! Not only that this will be fun but quite a big challenge for me.



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